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Welcome to the artradie membership registration page.

Membership provides you with access for one (1) year to the artradie platform. 

Membership is available to individual artist/Sellers. It enables you to setup and control your own shop including selling artworks at your price.

Membership for one (1) year is $60 + GST and includes:

  • One (1) year access to your shop from the date of registration. Your membership renews automatically after one (1) year, unless cancelled prior to renewal date
  • Upload a capacity of 12 artworks to your shop at any one time during a period of one year/365 days
  • Control of the price, shipping and delivery of the artworks you sell in your shop
  • A secure payment gateway managed by artradie
  • artradie takes a  5% commission fee on every sales transaction in your shop and any additional payment gateway transfer fees

To apply for membership, fill in the registration form and supply your proof of identity, proof of address and 1-3 artworks to artradie.  All applicants must be NZ Citizens. 

Acceptable proof of identity includes a New Zealand passport, NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Citizenship Certificate.


To get started please fill in the form below:

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NZD 60.00 /year
One (1) year Membership $60 Membership for one (1) year recurring Sellers Account with artradie.  PRE APPROVAL REQUIRED.   
NZD 40.00 /year
One (1) year Membership – Student and Post Graduation Discount

$40 (GST inclusive)

Membership for one (1) year recurring Sellers Account with artradie for students and post graduates. PRE APPROVAL REQUIRED. 



To set up a shop on artradie, you must adhere to our Terms and Conditions (T&C). These terms specify that the Seller must be either a citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand. To proceed, please provide a copy of your NZ ID:

  1. NZ Passport, NZ Citizenship, NZ Birth Certificate. Please note: NZ Drivers License is not an acceptable NZ ID.
  2. Proof of address
  3. High resolution images of up to 3 artworks

Our team will then review your application. We will send you a link to our annual subscription payments page and instructions to activate your shop if approved.